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Enjoy the Rental Income of Wealthy Landlords WITHOUT Hassle!

To an outsider, being a landlord seems like the easiest job in the world, but a true landlord knows that the role comes with a lot of stress.

You get virtually no days off, you're choked with maintenance costs, and you have to ensure your apartment stays clean even when vacant.

Don't get us started on how you need to spend hours vetting new tenants or risk creating problems for your business in the future.

Now, imagine how much more enjoyable life would be if all of these problems disappeared… leaving you with juicy payments in your bank account every month.

By teaming up with Ecozy Homes, this seemingly fairytale life could become your REALITY!

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What is Ecozy Homes?

We are a local hospitality company located in Miami, Florida. We are fully licensed members of the real estate industry and have several certifications in various subfields, including GREEN designee for realtors.

What Do We Do?

At Ecozy Homes, we help landlords and investors earn more on their properties, and we can help you do the same by signing a lease that allows us to rent your property to tenants.
This way, you're GUARANTEED to earn consistent and long-term rental income. You also don't have to manage or maintain the property throughout the duration of our contract. We'll do all that for FREE.

The Best Local Hospitality Services in Miami

At Ecozy Homes, we handle the following:
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Would These Cost You Money?
No, you don't need to pay us a dime to enjoy our services.

How We Work?

If you own property in Miami that you would like to rent out, we'll lease it for the next 6 to 12 months and pay you every month consistently.
You may think of us as super tenants that bring a lot more benefits to the table than regular tenants. 

Benefits of Teaming Up with Ecozy Homes

Free Maintenance Coverage
We'll cover the cost of all minor maintenance procedures on your property. You no longer have to deal with calls from tenants every time a showerhead needs unclogging. Ecozy handles such trivialities at no cost to you.
No More Vacant Properties
Not having anyone in a property that's up for rent means your business is bleeding money. Thankfully, with Ecozy Homes, you don't have to bother about finding people to live on your property. Our lease agreement means we'll pay you monthly no matter what. It's our sole responsibility to fill up any vacancy that arises within the period covered by our lease.t no cost to you.
Ideals Tenants Only
Good house guests are hard to come by, which is why we've established a team of highly-trained individuals dedicated to screening each candidate thoroughly.  Our guests are business leisure travelers who will typically seek an un-hotel experience. We won't take in people with pets or smoking habits unless you don't have an issue with such activities on your property.
Improved Security
The safety of your property and tenants is important to us, which is why we'll take steps to keep trespassers and intruders out. With keyless entry technology, we've been able to secure dozens of apartments, and you can get this level of security for your property too.
Free Cleaning
Every rented property needs a dedicated cleaning team that can handle tasks on short notice. You don't have to pay for yours as we'll handle the daily and weekly cleanups just fine. Whenever a tenant vacates the premises, we'll immediately get the place ready for the next one.
Consistent Payment
You don't have to worry about not making any money from your property during dry spells. Ecozy Homes ensures that you get consistent rental income every month.
Free Furnishing and Decoration from Professional French Designers
Designing an apartment to look appealing to prospects has always been a difficult task for landlords. With us, you need not worry because our core team consists of professional French designers that will come up with creative and innovative decorations every time.
Eco-Friendly Design and Cleaning Products
Our design team consists of GREEN designees, a certification that allows them to develop eco-friendly and energy-efficient solutions for your property. We'll only use recyclable and non-toxic products for the design and cleaning of your space.
No Hidden Fees
Some companies in the hospitality industry are notorious for littering their contracts with hidden fees. At Ecozy Homes, we take integrity seriously. Hence, you never have to worry about hidden fees or surprise bills. We provide all of the services listed above and more at no cost to you.

Nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Ecozy Homes is giving landlords and real estate investors an opportunity to let go of all the headaches and fees while making consistent income from their rental properties.

When you compare signing a lease agreement with us to signing one with a regular tenant, you can see how much you stand to gain:

No headaches. No vacant properties. No management or realtor fees. 

We furnish, we manage, we maintain, and you collect your rent consistently. 

All of these at zero cost to you, with no hidden fees, and no time involved. That is OUR promise to you.

These are perks no regular client can get you in a million years.

A Quick Call Away from Every Landlord's Dream

Melanie Bergero (17).png

We're always happy to answer questions about your property and how we can help you make more money from it.

To ensure optimal results for every one of our clients, we only sign a limited number of lease agreements every few months.

This means that even if your property qualifies for our program, calling too late after seeing this offer may cause you to lose the opportunity to another landlord.

So, don't miss out on a chance to enjoy stress-free rental income. 

CONTACT US NOW! Let's talk about making you more money from your rental property.

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